At QulubKids we know that parents, teachers and especially kids want more than just rules and academics when it comes to learning about about Islam. That’s why we’ve created fun and uplifting Islamic Education Programs that help kids develop the character, confidence and communication skills they need to learn and grow with HEART.

Each of our dynamic skill-building workshops, classes, and camps offer hands-on, creative learning opportunities, similar to those found in public schools and local community centres, but with one important distinction: all Qulub Kids programs are run in an uplifting environment where Islamic values are modeled and nurtured.

We’ve carefully designed all of our programs to foster creative thinkers and confident doers.  We know that the best kind of learning happens when kids are engaged, challenged, and inspired. When kids make meaningful connections they think better, learn better and do better. They also develop a real passion for learning, growing and giving back.

With the help of countless kids, moms, dads, educators and community leaders, we’ve developed an Islamic Education system that not only changes the way kids learn about Islam and how they feel about being Muslim but also how they connect with others and relate to the world around them. It’s a holistic system that puts the HEART back into Islamic Education.



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