Say it Strong!

In this fun-filled class, kids have a blast playing communication games, working on group poems, singing nasheeds and acting out some pretty hilarious stories.

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Program Description

Have you been looking for a way to encourage your child become a better communicator? Do you wish your child would speak up, be assertive, or be a little less shy? Perhaps you’d like your son to be more confident when presenting at school? Or you wish your daughter would feel more comfortable sharing in family conversations at family get togethers? Our Say it Strong! class is the perfect place to give your child the gift of confident communication.

From story writing, group work, science fair projects, and speech competitions, to schoolyard interactions, family gatherings, community events, and so much more, what kids say and how they say it matters. Say It Strong! helps kids develop both their “inner voice”–their sense of self–and their “outer voice”–how they express themselves to the world. Jam-packed with lessons and hands-on activities in such areas as creative writing, public speaking, drama, and improv, Say It Strong! provides the perfect outlet for kids to discover their strengths and master the art communicating.


Class: Say it Strong!
Ages: girls 9+
Start date: May 16, 2015
End date: July 4, 2015
Day: Saturday
Time: 10:30 am – 11:45 am
Location: 3031 Markham Road, Unit 32 (Kaamilah loft)



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