Story Writing & Telling with Mr. Meus

Kids use their imaginations to write their own stories and develop the confidence and communication skills to share them.

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Program Description

Renowned for his dynamic presentation style and ability to capture the hearts and imaginations of young and old, award-wining Mr. Meus takes kids on a magical journey of story writing and storytelling, teaching them how to write in Dr. Seuss style rhyme. His stories not only get kids excited about reading, but also inspire them to write and share stories of their own.  Mr. Meus has been described as “a master of rhyme, rhythm, word plays and – above all – portraying profound meanings to readers of all ages.”

“Come forward together, get ready to be…
Brought on an adventure of story with me.

The story I’ve conjured, it might make you smile;
It might touch your heart, leave you thinking a while.

So go on, have a seat, lean forward on in,
As we go for a marvelous, wonderful spin,

Through a land of adventure and story and rhyme,
Where we can imagine and dream for a time;

A land you can wander and wonder and be
In places and spaces you’re itching to see.
So come onto this journey of story…with me.” — Mr. Meus




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