My kids were registered for your classes last session and loved them! I’m considering signing them up again and was wondering if you’ll be covering the same material for the next session or if it will be different?

We’re thrilled to hear that your kids enjoyed our classes are thinking of joining us for our next session. Our programs are always evolving and there’s always something new. Although we may touch on some of the same themes like courage or gratitude, for example, the activities around that theme are always changing. We have lots of families who come back for multiple sessions and they’re always excited about the new and exciting activities we have each session.

I want to register both my son and daughter in a class. Do you give family discounts?

Yes, we do! We give a 10% sibling discount for each child registered in one of our classes.
*If you are registering both of your children in more than one class we have a special %15 OFF discount.

I’m thinking of enrolling my child in the 3 classes offered for his age group. Do I get a discount?

Yes, if your child is registered for 2 or more classes you will receive a 10% discount on each class.

My daughter has the gift for gab. She loves to be the center of attention! I’m wondering if you feel your class would help her use her “gift” in a way that serves her a bit better?

Absolutely! One of the unique features of our Say it Strong class is that it allows for self-discovery. Each child will have ample opportunity to find their strengths and learn the best ways to use them. Children who are more extroverted thrive on social interactions; it’s what energizes them! The unique structure and content of this class provides an ideal environment for more vocal children to start to acquire a more intimate connection with their own thoughts, ideas and character traits. What parents sometimes don’t realize is that their “Chatty Cathy” might really be attention-seeking to fill a void; often times poor self-esteem and lack of confidence. Our Say it Strong class addresses many of these issues.

My child is quite shy. Is a communication class the answer?

Shyness in a very common characteristic of early childhood and what often happens, if children aren’t encouraged in the right ways or provided with safe environments to experiment with self-expression, is that their shyness can develop into debilitating fears than can ultimately prevent them from reaching their full potentials. The best remedy for shyness is allowing a child to be his/her own spokesperson. Parents often tend to overcompensate for introverted children by speaking on their behalf. Our Say it Strong class empowers children to discover the beauty within their own shells and gently encourages them to venture out of those shells at a comfortable pace. The non-competitive, nurturing environment we provide allows children slowly learn to believe in their abilities to express themselves confidently.

Will your Say it Strong! class help my child improve in school?

Our Kids with Voice Say it Strong class has been designed to develop the kinds of communication skills in children that are very much an integral part of every school curriculum. From essay writing, speech competitions, science fair projects, and assembly presentations, to in-class debates and discussions, all kids need to know how to easily access their ideas through effective brainstorming, be able to organize their thoughts, and ultimately present in front of their peers and teachers in a way that shows clarity and confidence. Say it Strong equips kids with the tools to be able to effectively communicate in any situation.

I’m not sure which classes to register my kids in. What do you suggest?

We get asked this one a lot. Many parents have a love-hate relationship with extracurricular activities. While weekend and afterschool programs certainly provide opportunities for children to explore their interest, tap into creativity, and (what many parents cheer about!) expend energy, choosing an activity can often be a daunting task. The good news is that there’s no better time than childhood to explore a variety of extracurriculars before narrowing in on a “favourite” sport, hobby or activity. If your child is interested in something completely out of their (or your) comfort zone, allowing her to explore that path may produce valuable life lessons. There are different ways you can help your child choose the class they’d like to attend. Perhaps you’ve noticed they really have a knack for drawing and feel an Art class would help them develop that interest and hone that skill. Or maybe you’ve seen them struggle with expressing themselves and feel they could benefit from a class that teaches self confidence and encourages creative expression. There’s no wrong or write way to help your child choose an activity. They key really is communication; sit down and have a heart to heart about what areas your child would like to explore. That conversation alone could provide valuable insight into your child’s goals and passions.

I’m considering enrolling my kids in your Say it Strong class but they are already overloaded with school-work and I’m worried that adding a class like this might be too much “work” for them on the weekend. How much work do the kids actually do in this class?

When designing our Say it Strong class we consulted with parents and your concern is one that was quite common. With this in mind, we developed a unique program that fosters learning in a dynamic and fun way. It is our belief, at Kids with Voice, that the most effective learning is hands-on, activity based learning. What that means is that children need to feel comfortable, relaxed and actually experience joy when learning in order for the knowledge they are acquiring to be of any benefit. Research studies actually show that the highest level of learning occurs in those “ah ha!” moments when people are making connections. Children make connections through play. Our Say it Strong course is all about creating connections and fostering a true love for communication in children through games, activities, performances, and a lot of laughter!