Our Team

Visionary (Founding Director)
Jennifer Zaynab Zaghloul

My name is Jennifer Zaynab. I’m not a big fan of titles but if I had to choose one for myself here at Qulub Kids, it would definitely be Visionary. What started off as a young girl’s dream to use her God-given gifts to help others has now become an important movement for change. Together, with my incredible team, we are changing the way Islamic Education is understood and delivered. It is such an honour to be creating inspiring, uplifting programs for kids that are not only loads of fun but are also putting the HEART back into Islamic Education.

I come from an academic background in Linguistics and Communication Studies; programs that both demand excellent analytical, problem solving, writing, and interpersonal skills. It is my hope, insha’Allah, to continue my studies in the area of Trauma-Informed Education with the goal of better understanding how adverse experiences affect children’s ability to learn, grow and develop the healthy social-emotional skills they need to thrive. I’ve been working with children with a variety of needs for over 20 years now, including those with emotional, behavioural and developmental challenges as well as those who are on the Autism Spectrum.  With every classroom I step foot in and every child I have the honour of connecting with, my love for teaching grows!

I am certified in Conflict Resolution, Non-Violent Crisis Prevention Intervention, Respite Care for Individuals with Autism, and Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST). I love learning and have every intention to continue seeking knowledge to better support our community. I truly believe that every educator should receive ongoing training in areas of Emotional Wellness so that we can continue to create holistic learning environments where our children feel safe; uplifting spaces where they can interact with positive role models who are well equipped to manage difficult emotions and situations, and where they feel supported by teachers who are informed, respectful and compassionate. To me, this is what education is all about.

I’m married and have 3 boys, 3 cats, and 8 rabbits. (Yes, I’m a big animal lover!) 🙂

Islamic Education Director
Mostafa Azzam

We are blessed to have Ustadh Mostafa Azzam as our Islamic Education Director. He is an experienced and compassionate educator committed to the growth and personal development of children, youth, and adults.  He has over 20 years experience teaching, coaching and counseling, both in private and institutional settings. Ustadh Mostafa brings a wealth of Islamic knowledge to our team, having completed his Honours BA with a double major in Comparative Religions and Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies at the University of Toronto as well as traditional primers in Arabic, Qur’an recitation (Tajwid), Islamic law (Fiqh), Islamic theology (‘Aqidah), and Islamic spirituality (Tazkiyah) while studying Islam overseas for six years. Ustadh Mostafa is the author of The Burdah, the first ever singable translation of Imam Busiri’s classic poem in praise of the Prophetﷺ. Ustadh Mostafa has also authored and translated several concise texts in Islamic law (Fiqh) and theology (`Aqidah)–in both prose and verse. In his spare time, he enjoys writing children’s stories in Dr. Seuss-style rhyme and is an award-winning, Amazon bestselling author under the pen name Mr. Meus. His expansive knowledge of both Islam and education, as well as his passion for the happiness and well-being of children and spreading the love of God and His Messenger ﷺ are just some of the gems that make Ustadh Mostafa a great asset to the Qulub Kids team.

Clinical Supervisor
Nicole Aliya Rahim

At Qulub Kids inclusion is very important to us. We do everything we can to create safe, uplifting spaces for every child, including those with exceptionalities, whether physical, emotional, behavioural, psychological, intellectual or developmental. We believe that every child deserves to feel like they belong and that every child should have equal opportunities to grow and learn with HEART. We are delighted to have Nicole Aliya Rahim, Clinical Director of Inaya Behavioural Health, join our team to lead us in assessing and meeting the needs of all children who come through our doors. Aliya’s work focuses on discovering why children behave the way they do and helping them to either decrease undesirable behaviours such as aggression or tantrums, and increase desirable behaviours, such as adaptive or self-help skills. We are honoured to have this opportunity to collaborate with Aliya, who is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst. We are excited to have her clinical expertise, vast experience working with children and her huge heart on our team. We are grateful for her contributions that continue to help us pave the way for changes in Islamic Education in Canada that caters to children whose needs often exceed the resources of Islamic education providers. We are hopeful that this collaboration will change the way we as a community understand and care for children with a wide variety of needs, insha’Allah.


Our dedicated team of educators are not only experts in their fields but are also HEARTful Muslims who are passionate about kids, Islam and transforming lives. All of our educators strive to provide a positive space for kids to explore their Canadian Muslim identities through creative arts, technology, sports, the Arabic language, nature, cool community projects and so much more, all while connecting kids with the core values Islam teaches: integrity, compassion, trust, kindness, courage, love, lifelong learning, and service.

Web Designer
Deborah Taylor

We all know what a daunting task it can be to find a skilled Web Designer who not only has the aptitude to meet your technical needs but also just gets your vision.  So, as you can imagine, I was over the moon when I found someone who could meet all of those needs and more!  I am thrilled to share with you a bit about this very special woman who deserves to be recognized for so many of her wonderful qualities. Deborah Taylor, of AVA Business Services, is not only an amazing Web Designer, who genuinely cares about her clients and the projects she works on, but she’s also a great teacher who has a wealth of knowledge, a love for learning, oodles of patience and a heart of gold. She is happy to answer questions (even if you’ve asked the same one seventeen times), meet with you over iced tea to discuss your business needs and she goes above and beyond to teach you everything you need to know to further develop and maintain your website on your own. For me, this was huge! Deborah has played such an important role in bringing our vision of Islamic Education with HEART to the world; although we don’t share the same religious background or beliefs, from day one, Deborah saw something special in me and my dream and has not only been the best tech support a girl could ask for, she’s also been a much-needed cheerleader at times and a good friend. She has spent countless hours with us tweaking our site to get it to a place that makes it feel like home. I’m so grateful for the friendship that has grown between us as we’ve worked on Qulub Kids together. If you’re looking for a heartful Web Designer who loves what she does and does it extraordinarily well, I’d definitely recommend you give her a shout.